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50 Shades of Grey and Abusive Men

I am seeing a strange likeness in 3 things, the fascination with 50 Shades of Grey, the church helping abusive men keep their wives trapped, and sharia law trying to sneak in our country. What is the likeness? The utter degrading, despising, and not covering and protecting woman. Woman that God created to be precious daughters of His, to be treasured and loved. The interesting thing is from the 3 above, the first is considered “sexy”, the second is considered “Christianity”, and the third I believe most in our country would deem a twisted law and despicable. The church needs to get unconfused about what is abuse and what is not, and how God hates violence as much as He does divorce (Malachi), and what is adultery and what is not. (pornography and flirting are both adultery, ask Jesus in Matt, 5:28) I have said many times that the Church carries a great authority on this earth, If you open up “our” (church) closet and find abused, sexually used and psychologically destroyed women in there with their abusive husbands that “we” have put our stamp of “god” on, then we lose a level of authority on this earth to drive out the darkness being pitched to our daughters in things like Shades of Grey. Remember Satan is an opportunist, he will always find an open door to keep the church powerless and him pressing his agenda. Ask yourself and your leaders have we opened that door for him, or have we stood with the daughters of God, as God Himself would and allowed abusive men to receive their consequences, and be buffeted by the enemy (1 Corin. 5:5, or 2 Timothy 2:25), so that they too may be delivered!  Many men would repent and turn around if someone would allow them to have a wakeup call and face the abuse they learned from the enemy and their wounds of the past.  We need to stop getting in the way of the Holy Spirits’s work in their life, and start allowing them to face the truth with their consequences.  A repentant heart is seen in a man who understands why he no longer has a home to live in, until he gets the help he needs.  A repentant heart puts the pain of the family before his own inconveniences of having to attend counseling weekly and pay for it.   A repentant heart will stop at nothing to bring healing to those he has wounded, once he realizes how badly he has wounded them.

This is a tremendous read from another Christian Counselor.…/enough-enough-church-stop-enablin…/

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