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Standing in Faith, in Each Season of Life

Some are in a season of excitement and great faith because you have seen recent miracles or interventions of God in your life. Some are walking in faith just because God is worthy and because of what He has already done on the Cross for you, even though you have not seen an intervention from Him that you have been believing him for. Lastly, some are walking in offense towards God because you feel you have waited too long for God to show up in a situation of yours. The unfortunate thing about this last one is that it closes the door to God in your life, and opens the door to also being offended at the people who have agreed with God over your situation. The enemy will use this to try and separate you, as a sheep separated from the Shepherd and flock opening the door to a great deception, a faith crisis, and your love waxing cold. If you want a faith that stands the tests of time and the enemy, study the Word of God, not your situation, and watch the faith of each person as they walked through the different “seasons” of life. There are seasons for individuals, countries, and the kingdom of God. As I read through Stephen’s speech in front of the Sanhedrin, I became very aware of these seasons from God’s viewpoint. (Acts 7 please read to hear God’s voice for you). Now keep in mind this is a man full of the Holy Spirit, grace, power and did great and miraculous signs (Acts 6: 3,8), and unknown to him at the time was about to die for Christ. As I listened to the Lord on Stephen’s words and all the stories in the Word it represents I sensed the Lord saying, “there are often long times between Me giving a word to people and it being fulfilled. You are called to live the faith life during that time, walking with Me in obedience, and then BAM, when it does happen, no-one misses it. No one misses Me.” Let’s consider just one of those stories in the Word of God, Jesus’ story. His coming had been prophesied for thousands of years. Then BAM, a baby in a manger from a virgin. Then BAM at 30 years old He is raising the dead, healing people, casting out demons, and doing miracles never seen before by man. Then BAM He dies on a cross. A disappointment to many who THOUGHT, He was their natural king who would set them free in the natural from tyranny. Yet BAM He actually set them free from something much more destructive, sin and eternal damnation. Then BAM He rises from the dead! Who does that? Only God!! He is where we need to have our eyes, for only there will we walk in His Image.

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