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The 3-1 Miracle to Peace and Joy

Do you know the Word says when you put your mind on gratefulness, you will have the peace of God? God is calling us to put our minds on who and what we appreciate every day, especially Him and our salvation. Want peace and joy? Practice daily, three times a day, for one minute, appreciating God 1st, self 2nd, and others the 3rd time. I call it the 3-1 miracle to peace and joy! Remember to use your imagination to SEE what you appreciate. When you only engage your thinking, it will not transform you as it will when you engage your imagination. The Word of God says to take every thought captive, casting down vain imaginations and breaking strongholds. So therefore, we need to take that same path to develop good strongholds of peace, joy, and love.  Put your thought on what/who you appreciate, then “see” it in your imagination until you feel completely engaged in joy and connection.  You see,  a strong emotional capacity is the ability to stay connected in the midst of pain, connected to God, your true self, and others! When we get offended, frustrated, angry, anxious, and fearful, we disconnect from God and our true self (who we really want to be) and often from others. We get in self-preservation mode, and that sends us into what we call enemy mode. That is when you and I act in a way that those around us feel they are all of a sudden our enemies.  But we can turn that around to love by focusing with our imagination on who we appreciate and retraining our brains to go that way instead.  So it works like this.   In the morning, I think, “hmm, what do I appreciate the Lord for? Oh yes, Lord, thank you so much for being near to me each time I have been in a hard struggle.” Then I engage my imagination to see those times He was so near and “see” them over again for 1 minute or more. When you are done, you will feel peaceful and connected to the Lord. Then when a struggle comes that day, it will be easier to retrieve that place of peace with Him at that moment and not react.  Then do yourself at lunch or when you want.  You will think, “what do I appreciate you for self (name)?  Oh yes, I really appreciate how kind you were to those people that other day.” Then see you doing that and stay in that appreciation for a minute or more. When you are done, you will feel so at peace with yourself and will more clearly be able to hear God and follow Holy Spirit,  because you are not jacked up with self fears, etc.  Then that evening, move on to someone else and do the same thing about them in your imagination for 1 minute!  If you practice this each day, you will find in a month that you are far more peaceful and joyful and far more able to stay connected to the Lord instead of being triggered by the world around you!!  Remember the 3-1 Miracle to peace and joy!  Dr. Lisa Winchell

The Crown of Thorns!

I woke up this morning and the Lord downloaded a vision and prayer. He showed me Him with that crown of thorns on. With those thorns, He took on every bit of mental illness. He paid the price for the sin that opens the door to it. He rose again to give us new life which includes the mind of Christ. He said to say to the mountain of mental and emotional illness be cast into the sea in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus! Every sickness or ailment that opens the door to mental illness be cast into the sea in Jesus’s name! Food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, blood sugar issues, thyroid issues, Asperger’s, autism, and heart wounds are cast into the sea in the name of Jesus and by his blood! And all other causes be cast into the sea of darkness where you came from. Depression, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD of all kinds, dismissive and fearful attachment styles, anger issues be cast into the sea in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and sons and daughters of the most high God rise up in the peace and the joy and the righteousness Jesus paid for each of us to have. The enemy has been defeated! 2000 years ago. We get to tell it and him, that mountain, to go in the name of Jesus Christ!!

By Dr. Lisa Winchell