Premarital Counseling

Prepare and Enrich

You are making one of the most important decisions in your life!  This is an exciting time for a couple!  A time when dreams start to come together, true connection is felt, and new plans and goals, as a couple, emerge.  You are preparing not only for you, but many also for the kids you will bring into your family, as well.  There is much research on the benefit of Premarital Counseling, the statistics show that 95% of couples who received Premarital Counseling, suggest that other couples do the same.  Research has also found that Premarital Counseling decreases the incident of divorce by 50%.

At In His Image, our passion for engaged couples is to see them succeed in marriage! We start with administering our Christ Centered Temperament Profile. You will learn how to love, connect and accept each other in your unique temperament traits that God has give each of you. You will also learn how to meet your own and each other’s needs in healthy/godly ways, empowering you to to create a long term connection!  We have found that if the goal is anything but connection in a marriage,  than division will find it’s way in and create havoc.   Jesus said, we will have troubles in this world, but be of good cheer I have overcome this world.” That denotes that we need to learn something,  which is how to walk in the overcoming He has provided for us. When it comes to marriage we want to put as much or more effort into being the best us that we can for our spouse and our own happiness.

Premarital Counseling with help you do that!!

In each session you will:

  1. Learn the most effective communication style that works for you as a unique couple.
  2. You will come to understand each other’s unique individual temperament traits, needs, strengths and weaknesses.
  3. You will learn how to get those needs met in healthy and godly ways that bring connection and growth together.
  4. You will discuss expectations, small or large disagreements and learn how to keep them from becoming internal or external conflicts.
  5. You will identify any past hurts that may cause hurt or disconnection in the future, and find healing from those hurts.
  6. Most importantly you will learn how to bring honor to God in your marriage, with His love and grace in place!

Premarital Counseling is becoming your best for each other and creating a long lasting connection, that honors God and brings your family joy!


SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE    For more information, please call Lisa Winchell, our NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor: 813-684-7927