Temperament Therapy

Being the Perfect You that God Created!

Being the Perfect YOU, that God created!

Do you ever wonder why you do things the way you do? Why do others do things the way they do them? Did you know that you don't have to be anyone else!  God made you, YOU!  You will come away from your sessions with a greater confidence in being you, and accepting others as God created them, as well as the means to have a deeper intimacy with God.

You will receive the most in-depth Christ-centered temperament profile available, the Arno Profile System, revealing God's unique design for you as an individual and specific tools to bring the best out of yourself and others.

"To act without knowing how you function is not good, if you rush ahead you will miss your goal."  Proverbs 19:2

Temperament therapy will give you deeper insight into how God has created you to function as an individual, in Him!  Your relationships and ministries will grow in love, and communication. You will discover the link between identity and fruitfulness in your life, relationships and ministry!

Discovery how you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God!

I heard a doctor recently, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Cognitive Neuroscientist, speaking on Identity and the power of understanding your unique identity for success in life.  She has been teaching individual identity in Africa for 30 years, seeing great healing in those wounded and broken.  I was thrilled to feel the sense of confirmation that what the Lord has led me to teach for years,  He led someone else (a neuroscientist) to teach elsewhere, with great success, as well!   It was interesting to listen, she said that we are all unique in how we think, choose, and feel about things.  Amen!!  The temperament profile we use at In His Image, reveals exactly that!  The three areas the profile identifies is how you uniquely 1. think and socialize, 2. choose and lead, 3. feel and love.

With that, we use the truths of who you are in Christ, to empower you in every area of your temperament.  At In His Image, we bring together who you are in Christ, and who you are as an individual, to empower you to walk in victory, as the best you, that God created!!!

As you understand your temperament strengths and weaknesses, it will help you immensely in every area of your life:

  • to love and accept yourself more fully
  • to build greater intimacy with God
  • how you interact with people best
  • to make better decisions
  • what types of ministry and employment you are best suited for
  • to communicate more effectively
  • learn how to deal with anger, fear, and negative thinking more effectively
  • stronger relationship with God and others
  • to identify specific tendencies that can keep you from accomplishing your goals and how to overcome them

You will be able to use your strengths to bless others and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to transform your weaknesses.

It’s especially powerful in couples, family and marriage counseling situations because it gives each person the opportunity to better understand their partner’s needs, desires and behaviors. Needs must be met in healthy and godly ways or the person will find unhealthy/ungodly ways to meet those needs. The needs God created us with, are there to lead us closer to Him and His plans for our lives in career, relationship, and ministry!


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