PTSD, Trauma Healing and Inner Healing

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PTSD, Trauma Healing, and Inner Healing

Resolving Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD and other trauma related anxiety disorders, with God's leading, power and wisdom!!

Have you ever asked, "why do I feel so stuck in this emotional pattern?"  Lisa Winchell found in years of Christian Counseling. that some individuals do not move forward in their overcoming and victory, in spite of their sincere desire to do so and much work they put into it. She began to study the answer for that, and found that trauma emotions create enough "chaos",  and unrest in the brain that when the client would apply truth it would just get "kicked out" by the trauma emotions "stuck" in the brain.

What is emotional trauma?  Emotional trauma is a damage to the persons psychological being, after an event that overwhelmed their natural ability to cope.  Furthermore, the brain science behind trauma is that, when an event that produces intense emotion happens, that emotion memory gets stored in the amygdala. Where it stays, and continues to trigger the person anytime something is felt, seen, or happens around them that has any similarities to the original trauma.  This is also true for good memories that came with deep good emotions.  The bible calls this a stronghold.  We have positive strongholds and negative strongholds. The negative ones are always fueled by the past painful emotions, and the lies the enemy fed us that produced even more fear and more fuel for the trauma.  This produces what we call a hypervigilance around the issue, and often PTSD or complex PTSD.  The person can become uncharacteristically oversensitive, fearful, anxious, easily offended, on edge, pressed to resolve anxiety and surprised the effect it has on their relationships and life, and much more.

Traumas come in many forms:

  1. Sexual assault
  2. Accidents
  3. War
  4. Emotional and physical abuse
  5. Death of a loved one
  6. And even trauma from our own bad choices.

Jesus says, "in this world you will  have trouble, but be of good cheer I have overcome this world".

He also says, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."  So how does someone who's brain is in hypervigilance, and constant trigger receive this peace?   How do we  "replace" the negative strongholds/triggers with the good ones?  The answer is through healing!  There are 4 greek words in the new testament for  healing, one of them is "therapeuo".

Therapists have, in the past, believed that it takes for years for an individual to heal from trauma.   We know that is not true anymore, God has opened a flood of knowledge to the body of Christ and to the researchers seeking to heal people.  The top trauma Psychiatrists have found there are 4 things that need to be present for someone to heal from a trauma.

  1. Something that calms the mind/amygdala
  2. The ability to process that event
  3. The ability to create a new image to replace the old
  4. Practice future trigger times successfully

Lisa Winchell has been trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), which applies all 4 elements above. USF has studied ART and states the Traumas are healed in 3 to 5 session. We have seen many healed in 1 -3 sessions.

The body of Christ has been trained by the Holy Spirit how to bring healing to trauma, as well.  Most of these Inner Healing models apply at least 3 of the elements above and clean up traumas even more by identifying/replacing any lies believed about oneself or God in the trauma, breaking any spiritual bondage surrounded around the trauma, and invite the Lord's healing presence in to bring His truth, healing and victory over the trauma.

At In His Image, we apply all the above, as God leads, to bring healing to the individual.  Lisa Winchell has been trained in Inner Healing models, that are based on healing presence of Jesus   as well as Accelerated Resolution Therapy which is based on the 4 necessary elements to heal trauma.   Both models have brought victory to many clients in under 5 sessions.   Many traumas heal in 1 to 3 sessions.


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