Created in His Image Workshop

Discover the YOU God created…For such a time as THIS!


Do you ever wonder…

Why do I lose my peace and joy at times?”

“Why do I do the things I do?

“Why do they do the things they do?”

“How do I keep my peace and joy in struggles and/or in a world that is in crisis?”

This workshop is a fast-moving, fun workshop that is sure to build your joy, and peace, as you gain momentum in your relationships, better communication, greater appreciation for yourself and others, as well as empowering a deeper relationship with God!

WHAT will I gain or learn?

Deep, applicable understanding of the connection between your core identity (in Christ), and your unique identity (God-given inborn traits),  in leading you to God’s destiny life!

To live from your strengths.

To walk in transformation through the new creation truths, and what your imagination has to do with that.

To shift the atmosphere and affect the world around you in your circle of influence!

The Word of God says:

YOU are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which He prepared beforehand that you would walk in them, for such a time as this!

Join us, and receive deep revelation and applicable tools leading you into a transformational joy!

Dr. Lisa is anointed, and passionate in releasing all the Lord gives her for people in each workshop!

She has been teaching the connection between core identity and unique identity for over 20 years. Dr. Lisa has empowered 100’s individuals to live in great victory emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

“Where there is peace there is power”, is one of her favorite sayings!

In this workshop, you will receive:

A personal in-depth temperament profile ($170 value)

and 10 hours of  Dr. Lisa’s most powerful tools to walk in the YOU that God created for such a time as this (over a $1000 value)


Bonus material:  The 3-1 Miracle for joy, peace, and connected relationships!! (infinite value)




Hear what people are saying about this workshop, from our Google reviews!!   If you would like to see more, please google In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training reviews:

Julie Story
Lisa is amazing! She is an extraordinary counselor and her workshop was incredible! I have learned so much about myself and it’s helped me understand myself in ways I never have! I took pages of notes and got so much out of the workshop! I loved every second of it!

Carolyn Farris
I loved it! It showed me who I am, and why I do some of the things that I do. It helped me to understand me and why God created me the way that He did. It also has helped me in understanding others and so I am able to come alongside of and lift them up, and give them encouragement when needed, and how to do that so they will receive it.

Sarah Owens:   After my fourth child was born, I floundered; my needs were not getting met. How could I mother four children well AND take care of myself? I was lonely and emotionally zapped. I wasn’t the best mother I could be for my children, because I was not filling my own “tank.”
In His Image made the difference.
Thanks to the Institute’s two-day seminar, I learned:
1. the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of my personal temperament,
2. how to honor my temperament, get those needs met while mothering well, and
3. the temperaments of my husband and friends, and how to connect with them.
I am extremely grateful for the weekend. I recommend it to EVERYONE. Now, thanks to In His Image, if I am feeling lonely or emotionally zapped, I know how to fix it myself!

If you will be signing up for this workshop you will need to be there Friday and Saturday.  The teaching builds on itself to bring you a full understanding and ability to apply and find victory in life issues.

To attend the full workshop, please sign up here:

$297 individual  $400 per couple

Registration is closed.