About Us

To educate with excellence.  To first, educate those Pastors and Christians who have heard God's call to counsel and help others live victoriously;  and to  provide them the credentials to do so in their own community.  Second, to educate individuals in living a life of victory in all their relationships, God first, others, and self.

In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training, was founded in 2003, by Lisa Winchell, and became a Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counseling Association in 2004. Lisa has her Master of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling, and is a NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Certified Temperament Therapist, and Board Certified Clinical Supervisor. Lisa is an Ordained Minister of Counseling. Her Bachelors work was completed at Lee University, and Master's studies done at Regent University and completed through the National Christian Counseling Association, and Cornerstone University.  She is presently working on her Doctoral studies. She has 15+ years of extensive experience in areas such as counseling, discipling and teaching christians,  incarcerated adults, juveniles, addictions, unwed mothers, marriage and family, anxiety and depression, and personal development.  Her desire is to see people, in all walks of life, live in the victory that Jesus bought for us, through His death and resurrection.

We equip and provide credentials to Pastors and Christians who hear the call of God to lead people to victory, through the ministry of counseling.  Also, we provide counseling and personal development to individuals and groups.  To accomplish these goals we use two main tools.  All courses, and counseling or  personal development plans, will include the Word of God as primary in discovering the deepest needs of every human being and the answers to every one of those needs, and secondly the Arno Profile System to determine the counselee's unique temperament needs, strengths and weaknesses.  Together these provide the counselor with the in-depth information needed to outline a personal development or counseling plan, best suited to each counselee.