Anger Management

Anger management comes down to two issues: healing identity and the need to forgive!  Often we can not see where our sense of value (identity) has been wounded, but we experience all the effects of it such as fear, anger, touchiness, irritability, offense and rage.  We are all individuals, and different experiences affect us each differently.  Together we can work to find those places and times where you lost your peaceful heart to an angry heart.

The Word of God says, "a wise man seeks out counsel",  "confess your sins one to another and you will be healed", and "the intentions of a person's heart are deep waters, but a discerning person reveals them".

Let us walk you through healing, forgiveness and freedom from anger.  We will take a whole person approach, addressing the body, soul, and spirit.  We will listen to you and to God, so together we can develop the proper therapeutic protocol for you to gain consistent freedom and the heart of peace that God has given you!

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Angry Woman at Car