“Learning the Temperament Therapy model has brought great success in my counseling marriages!  Many things changed in my own life as I learned about my temperament.  I would not counsel without the temperament profile.  Lisa has been a great trainer, mentor, and friend. In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training is an amazing opportunity!”

N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor

“I have been trained by Lisa Winchell, in the N.C.C.A. program she offers at In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training. The temperament model is amazing! I tell my clients that understanding your temperament is like seeing the picture on the box cover of a puzzle. We spend many years of life trying to put together the pieces, without really knowing for sure which piece goes where. When we run the profile on a client, spouse, and family those pieces begin to come together. I now have a thriving Counseling practice. The N.C.C.A. is the top credentialing agency for Christian Counselors and second to none”.

N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor

“In my 2 years of training, Lisa has shared things with me I could not have learned from a book. Showing me how I was reacting to my own environment from my own temperament. This was personal growth for me, as well as an object lesson in training me to help others with temperament therapy. I have seen clients have revelations and freedom in knowing that God made them with a purpose and a plan, and they are not an accident. I can teach each one how to respond in healthy ways to live situations, according to how God has created them.”


“We were referred to Lisa Winchell for counseling, and during our first counseling session realized that we had a good marriage, but were lacking or not aware of how much better our marriage could be.”


“Every session began and ended with prayer, through the scripture we were explained why God made us, how He feels about us, and how two very different people could learn to love each other through sacrifice, kind words, encouragement, and listening.”


“I decided to go to counseling to make sure I didn’t have any baggage that I might carry it into my future. Learning about my temperament helped me understand who God has created me to be. I was able to interact with people and understand circumstances better, as well as the reasons why I responded to situations and people the way I did. I had some times of great self discovery, while understanding my God given temperament traits.”


“I counseled with Lisa after losing a job that I absolutely loved and prayed for. I have to admit I first thought long distance/telephone counseling would not be as helpful as setting across the room from someone. But I tried it and it was AWESOME! We started with prayer inviting God into our session and His will to be done. With her knowing my temperament and with the leading of the Holy Spirit we were able to see a lot of clarity and healing took place. She was patient and kind and very encouraging, yet very informative with scriptures when my fears would rise up and cause me to act out in the flesh rather than the spirit. I would totally recommend Lisa to anybody that is seeking a Christian counselor. I am better because of it!”


“I never did finish the course but my “course” has changed dramatically since the last we spoke….many years ago. After working with you and studying a bit, I realized that I had much to learn about being a Christian and being enlightened by the Word. It was through In His Image that the door opened wide and I realized how much I needed to grow in the Word before pursuing any counseling program. You introduced me to confessions which have blessed me greatly. At 71 I look forward to finishing my course and living a full, healthy, healed and whole life for the Lord until the Rapture.”