N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor and Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counselors Association 

We provide Christian Counseling in Sarasota, Venice, North Port and Brandon!!

We provide Training for Counselors nation wide!!

Christian Counseling offered in areas of  Marriage/Family, Premarital, Teen issues, Anxiety/Depression, Trauma, Grief, Communication Strengthening, Anger/Forgiveness issues, Crisis and Abuse, Addictions and much more.  

We are as much an educational institution, as we are a counseling institution. Therefore, we equip and provide credentials for those who know God has called them to be a trained Counselor.

Our Counselors provide answers, not just insight! They seek to be led by the Spirit of God, and use practical and spiritual tools to bring freedom, success, and victory to the client. We have over a 90% success rate leading clients to success in all areas of life using the model taught in our program!

For more information on COUNSELING,  please see our COUNSELING PAGE. 

For more information on our Counseling Degrees, continue reading here and then visit our  DEGREE PAGE, for the Degree that you seek.

Christian Counseling Degrees offfered are: Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.   All programs are offered through distance learning, and teach a biblical counseling model, called Creation Therapy.  This model includes a temperament analysis that instantly gives the Counselor or Life coach an  in-depth  look at the client’s unique, inborn strengths, weaknesses, and needs.  It then provides a step by step model for counseling and coaching.

We are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and believe that counseling produces greater results when founded  upon and directed by the Word of God. Psalm 1:1-3 says "Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly...But his delight is in the law of the Lord...He is like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers."  Although, our counselors also counsel and coach those who do not profess Christianity. We are able to empower each client greatly, in life and relationships, with the tools taught at In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training.

This is a distance learning program that fully equips the Christian Counselor, through education, awarding of Christian counseling degrees and N.C.C.A. licensure, providing personal supervision and annual conferences for personal and professional growth, and requiring annual reporting and continued education.

The training adjusts to meet the needs of Christians with different goals, including:

  • Christians who want to earn a Christian Counseling Degree and License, to enter the field of counseling as a profession.
  • Christians who are called to empower and  lead others in meeting their goals through Life Coaching.
  • Pastors who want to learn how to counsel members of their church and their community and be connected to others who are doing the same.
  • Christians who want to be better equipped to minister to those who need counsel.
  • Professional Christian counselors who want to become A.P.S. certified and learn a Biblically-based counseling model with proven success.
  • Christians who want a tool with effectiveness to use in Christ Centered consulting in the area of life they know most about (e.g. personnel, business, finances, homeschooling, family life, etc.)

In His Image: Institute of Counseling and Training is a non-profit, professional organization that trains, licenses, and awards degrees for Christian counselors, and trains Life Coaches. Our purpose is to equip Christians who believe that God has called them into the ministry of counseling.

National Christian Counselors AssociationIn His Image: Institute of Counseling and Training is a Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counselors Association. We have partnered together with the N.C.C.A. to provide you an excellent education, and NCCA licensure, in a distance learning format, with personal supervision.

We are a member of the N.C.C.A. which includes ministers, Christian counselors, testing specialists, medical doctors, attorneys, and educators. The N.C.C.A. has for over twenty years assisted thousands of Christians to fulfill their call in the ministry of counseling.




Learning the Temperament Therapy model has brought great success in my counseling marriages!  Many things changed in my own life as I learned about my temperament.  I would not counsel without the temperament profile.  Lisa has been a great trainer, mentor, and friend. In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training is an amazing opportunity!”


Pursuing My Options for Training

"...while counseling the hurting, and wisdom in applying the Word of God in ways that lead your clients to victory. Your licensure and credentials as an "agent of the church" allow you to legally counsel and set up a fee schedule even as your secular counterparts do."

Conceived by God

"...you, and me were conceived by God. We came from His will, His heart, and His perfect plan."

Sit and Walk

God has given us an identity to "sit" in, the rest in. But from there we must get up and "walk" it out.