Marriage & Family Counseling

Marriage is a blessing from God and a place where we all become better. A couple goes through numerous phases in life together. Some parts are amazing and full of building great memories! Others can be rough, and some can be very traumatic. The strength of a relationship is reflected in how well the couple "connects" through the hard times and the good times. The strength of a family, is the related to the strength of the parents relationship.  What is your number one goal for your marriage? If it is anything except "connecting" with the heart of your spouse, then you may find your marriage full of strife and offense. and your goals and prayers being hindered. God's answer to this is His perfect love that drives out all fear, and restores trust and connection in a marriage.  Our response to that, is Lord teach me how to walk in that love with my spouse!

In counseling, through the use of the Word of God and learning each other's God-given temperament, spouses will come to understand one another's deepest needs, strengths and how to get those needs met in healthy and godly ways.   Our approach in marriage therapy is oriented towards empowering spouses to love and accept themselves, and their spouse,  and to learn communication skills that work for their unique temperaments.  From there each spouse will feel safe with each other,  be able to trust again,  have greater emotional control when dealing with hard times, and begin to have forward thinking in which they can work together to resolve disagreements and turn them into agreements.  When a Christian Marriage is caught in a cycle of toxicity, each spouse find that they are missing out of God's plans for them. Because they are consumed with self and the family problems.  Healing of the hearts and reconnection in a marriage is of utmost importance for moving forward in God's blessings and calling on their lives.

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Marriage Counseling Session