Enrollment – Tuition Fees, Policies & Procedures

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In His Image Counseling and Training offers these certification, license, and degree programs to help you become better equipped to fulfill the call God has on your life. It is our belief that God calls us to excellence. When we answer that call, then we can truly lead, counsel, or mentor others in the same direction.

Supervision and support are very important for all those seeking to be licensed in a helping profession. We see this so in the years of supervision required in most secular training programs. In His Image is committed to provide you with the supervision and support you need to become the best Christian Counselorthat you can.

In His Image Counseling and Training requires all who are certified or licensed by the N.C.C.A. Licensing Board of Examiners to:

  • Become credentialed ministers (ordained, licensed or commissioned) whose goal is to evangelize and ease the emotional pain and suffering of humanity (we provide the required course).
  • Provide their service under a 501c3 status. This can be formed by the counselor, or the counselor may place themselves under the authority of a legally organized local church, or local 501c3 not-for-profit ministry.
  • Complete our specialized training.
  • Complete the minimum requirements for continuing education and annual license renewal
  • Uphold N.C.C.A.'s Code of Ethical Standards.

N.C.C.A.'s published "Code of Ethical Standard" outlines all of the procedures involved in dismissal, revocation, probation and reinstatement of an individual's membership, certification and/or license.

Tuition Fees, Policies & Procedures

We require a $50 application fee which must accompany the Enrollment Application.  This is refunded only if the candidate is not accepted into the program for lack of qualifications. Tuition for all Phase I and Phase II courses is $250 per course. The tuition for all advanced courses is $200 per course. This includes all training materials and shipping and handling fees.  (On-site courses are all $400 per course).

In addition to the tuition, the candidate will be assigned to a Board Certified Clinical Supervisor. We will provide you with this supervision, or if possible we may elect to assign you to a supervisor in your own geographical area. The supervision fee is $300, which will be paid directly to your supervisor.

Course tuition and clinical supervision fees do not include the cost of the A.P.S. reports.  The candidates cost for the A.P.S. reports is $30 each. This fee is not considered an expense to the candidate since the fees may be passed on to the individuals being tested. Charging for the A.P.S. report is left to the discretion of the candidate.  Most counselors and psychologists, charge from $150 to $300 for comparable reports, so $50 to $85 for an A.P.S. report is very reasonable.

If you are working toward a degree, the matriculation and transfer fees for a degree must be paid after all requirements have been fulfilled. The matriculation and transfer fees are $1,500 for a B.A. degree, $1,500 for an M.A. and $1,500 for a Ph.D. This fee is for the awarding of the college degree and is not included in the tuition/standard fees.

After completion of Phase II, a $100 certification/licensing fee is required and a national background check will be conducted prior to final certification/license approval.

Course Exemption

Upon written request, exemption from one or more of the standard courses may be awarded.  Consideration is based on the individual's academic history as evidenced by documentation (resume and transcripts) submitted to the Evaluation Committee PRIOR to enrollment.

Personal Care

There will be personal care available to all students. We will contact students as we receive each order to confirm that the order has been sent and to answer any questions you may have. We are committed to you, and the call God has placed on your life.  Therefore, we are available to answer any questions, and provide assistance in any way possible.

Referral discounts: As  a student, if you refer another student who enrolls in the full program, you will receive a $50 credit off your next course.  One credit only, may be taken off each course.