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Are You Looking For a Breakthrough?

Are you looking for a breakthrough? Have you noticed that often times many of us are living from breakthrough to breakthrough?  I remember one day recently when I was talking to the Lord in devotions, I said, “I’m done going from breakthrough to breakthrough!” and I heard the Lord say, “Yeah! Because the biggest breakthrough ever lives inside of you!”

Did you know that the greatest breakthrough ever lives inside of us? That’s Christ in us! That’s the mystery of God that was withheld for generation after generation. The greatest breakthrough ever, not just in your life but in the whole universe, is when Jesus Christ came down here as a baby, died on the cross, rose again. That is the greatest breakthrough ever! And the next step is that when you accepted Him as Lord and Savior, He came and now lives inside of you. What an amazing breakthrough! Let’s read it! Colossians 1:26-27, “The mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people. To them, God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

That’s powerful! Christ in you is the hope of glory! Jesus prayed in John 17:21 to the Father God and He said “…even as I am in You and You are in Me that they would be in Us…” So the Word of God is telling us that if you are born again that Christ lives in you and you live in Him. That is the greatest breakthrough ever! As we learn to live in Christ, in His identity in us, in His image in us, we become overcomers. The Bible also says it’s our faith that overcomes. Let’s read this! 1 John 5:4, “For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world even our faith.”

As I was reading this the Lord began to show me that it is our faith—believing that what God has said is true—that overcomes the world. It is not what we get with our faith that overcomes the world. Think about that for a minute. A lot of us are believing for this and believing God for that and we end up waiting to feel like we are living in our breakthrough or living in the kingdom of God or even living in Christ until that thing shows up.  When that thing shows up that we are believing for, then we feel like we are really in Christ now and we really have a breakthrough. But the reality is the Lord is trying to teach us that we overcome by our faith, not by what our faith gets or receives over time. So how do we do that?

In another Scripture, the Word of God says–it is actually Jesus who said this—He said, “…in Me you have peace but in this world you will have trouble. Be of good cheer because I have overcome this world.” I asked the Lord one day, “okay, you have overcome the world, so how does that work for me?” And He said, “Lisa, this is an invitation to live in Me, vicariously, to live in and through Me. Do you see? You are seated in the highest place ever.” As the Lord began to minister to me and began to show me, He said “…Lisa, I am seated above the universe, in the highest place ever and you are seated in Me. Do you get that? You are seated in the highest place ever! You are above all of these things in Me. Your job is to learn how to live in Me in your thinking, and your emotions, and your heart.”

We do this by faith.  We do it by intentionally putting our hearts and our minds on Christ in us. Pulling up the Word of God and what it says about who you are in Christ. You are seated in heavenly places, you are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus, and you are a new creation in Christ Jesus. There are over 300 Scriptures in the New Testament that teach you about who you are in Him!

Our purpose is to empower people through this ministry to walk in God’s image in them, Christ’s image inside of them. When we live there, here is the difference: if I am focused on Christ in me and throughout the day I am dealing with something and I stop and say, “Wait a minute! Where am I seated, Lord? Oh yeah!” and the minute I go to that place with Him I end up walking in this sense of value and strength and significance and authority over the thing in my life because I chose to take the time to yield to realizing to where I really sit and where I really live which is in the Kingdom of God.

If we focus on the trouble around us or even focus on trying to get rid of the trouble through our faith, then we are still really not living in Christ right now  We are working to get rid of something instead of living in what we already have. Now as we live in what we already have, many of these things we believe for begin to start happening. But some of them are not because Jesus said we live in this world and there will be trouble. And oh, do we see trouble! We see trouble in our personal lives. Other people see it in the world and the country around them. So it’s time, it’s always been time, but it’s time to learn how to live in and through Christ in you and Christ in me.

Jesus said that the work of God is to believe. Now think about that – many people don’t know that Scripture. The work of God is to believe, Jesus said that. That is our labor, our labor is to believe. And we will talk more about this in the identity moments and all of the scriptures that lead to this.

So how do I believe? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. It is important to take the time to get in the Word of God – not just other people teaching you but you personally in the Word of God. I want to encourage you this week to get into 1 John. Read and write down every concept that God shows you about your life in Him. As you write it down say, “Lord, show me more about that. Tell me more about that.” And write down whatever He gives you.

We are going to learn how to engage in these truths, not just hear them in a service and go, “Wow, that’s great!” and walk away and go yell at somebody or get offended at the news, or get offended at this or that. All of those are signs that reveal I don’t know who I really am. When we know who we are in Christ, we are not walking around offended because we know our value and our significance and our authority over all of it.

I encourage you to get into 1 John this week and read through it.  Invite the Lord to reveal to you and your heart these truths. Until next time, remember, it is Christ in you that is our life and our hope for glory.


Dr. Lisa Winchell

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