Category: Temperament


by Lisa Winchell

The Strengths Hidden Behind Your Weaknesses


We believe temperament is inborn, and God given.  According to Psalm 139, God formed your inmost being.  He knit you together in your mother’s womb.  He put the strengths, and traits in you that would lead you to what He has planned for you. You were not created to be someone else.  You were created to be YOU.  You have been created in His Image. You are able to bear His image to the world around you, through your individual traits.  If you try to be someone else, the world around you is going to miss out, and you are going to miss out on enjoying the person you are.


You might say, “Hey, what about those weaknesses, and failures I regularly have?”  Weaknesses are not fun. But our goal at In His Image Counseling, is to help you to see your weaknesses as the strengths God meant them to be.  When I review your temperament profile with you, we cover strengths and weaknesses that are in your unique God given temperament.  But according to the Word, every good gift came from above.  God does not give us weaknesses. So where did they come from?  Consider this, Adam and Eve were created with their own unique temperament as well.  Let’s say, maybe Adam was a melancholy and maybe Eve was a sanguine. Adam would have been very analytical, sitting under a tree for hours thinking about what to name each animal and plant. But when Eve came in from hanging out with all the cool animals, and hugging on them, and wanted to spend time with Adam he would have been happy to put everything down and forget about his task to enjoy his wife.  When it was time to go to sleep he rested easy.  Eve would have enjoyed, the animals, and engaged them and her husband in lots of fun conversations and exciting thrill seeking activities in the garden.


Before they allowed sin in their hearts, there was no fear in their hearts, therefore there was no impatience, fear of failure, offensiveness, or self-centeredness. When sin entered, fear, shame and guilt were the first negative feelings they felt.  These weaknesses would then cause Adam to start tossing and turning, because of concern that someone may not understand why he named that animal what he did, 100 years later.  Eve would have become, “it is all about me”.  “Adam, you never listen to me, I need you to pay attention to me, all the time”. :). This would be coming from her insecurities based in fear.   These may be a little exaggerated. But the point is that sin, causing fear, shame and guilt is what causes the traits God gave you to be weaknesses in your life.


So what we do at, In His image Counseling, is help you discover what strength each of those weaknesses were meant to be.  Such as, a melancholy deals with perfection issues. So what strength could be hidden in that trait?  God gave the melancholy the passion to be excellent, in all that they do.  They love to do their best as unto Lord. That passion is led by love and faith. Perfectionism is driven by fear.  All we have to do is work on letting go of the fear, and excellence will replace perfectionism.


Sanguines can have a tendency to walk away from people when they are speaking, because the sanguine is no longer interested and prefers another conversation.  Could there be strength in that?  Sure, God made a Sanguine to be able to shift from one thing to another to keep things moving and interesting.  When they are operating in self-centeredness/sin/fear they follow the flesh and use that to meet their own needs only. When they are operating in the Spirit, and love, they are honoring to people and listen well, and move on to the next person or thing with grace which draws the whole room into enjoying the sunshine the sanguine has brought into the room.